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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Central Air Conditioners in Indianapolis, IN

Central air conditioners are superior to window units in every way. They are more efficient, more effective, and more convenient.  They also need to be installed and serviced by trained professionals, though. If you think you can install your own central air conditioner—think again!

Vital Heating & Air is the company that you can count on to install your central air conditioner in Geist or downtown Indy the right way. We’ll make sure that it’s the right size for your home. We’ll make sure your duct system is well-designed. And we’ll keep that system working reliably!

Your Comfort is Vital! Contact our team today to schedule your central air conditioning services.


Schedule Your Central AC Installation or Replacement Today

If you’re having a brand new central AC installed in your home, you must know for sure that you’ve got everything you need. We aren’t just here to sell you a new system. We are your partner in comfort. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’ve got the system that best suits your needs. Once we’ve found the system, the real fun starts. 

Our technicians are some of the finest in the industry. We know that the only way for a system to succeed is with a successful installation. It doesn’t matter if this is your first central AC install or if you are in need of replacement. We will guarantee that your new system can meet your high expectations. You deserve nothing less.

Take Advantage of Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

Even the best central air conditioners can give lousy performances. Even if they’re installed properly. How is that possible? Subpar maintenance practices. If you aren’t scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance each and every year, you’re missing out on many great benefits.

  1. Improved energy efficiency. Cool your home affordably!

  2. Improved system reliability. Cool your home confidently!

  3. Optimal system lifespan. Cool your home dependably!

Don’t miss out on all that central air conditioning maintenance has to offer. Show your system the TLC that it needs to do its job well. Our summers are way too hot to take any chances with your system’s performance quality. 

Fast Central AC Repairs in Indianapolis

We’d love to tell you that your air conditioner will never give you trouble of any kind. That simply wouldn’t be true, though. The fact is that no air conditioner is 100% problem free. Routine maintenance will keep problems as few and far between as possible. But you still need to watch out for warning signs of trouble. 

  1. Increased energy costs, without increased usage. 

  2. Strange sounds—clanging, grinding, screeching, etc. 

  3. Decreased cooling output, or warm spots in the house. 

Recognizing the problem is just the first step. The second step is to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs with professionals that you can trust. Our team will diagnose your problem accurately the first time. We don’t make guesses. Once we have correctly diagnosed your problem, we will promptly complete your Central AC repair services.  To learn more about AC system repairs in Indianapolis, IN, contact us today!