How You Can Benefit From Radiant Heating

January 17th, 2022

Radiant heating is the type of heating that comes from a boiler (i.e. hydronic heating). The boiler heats water and then pumps it to points in the house where it warms up objects: a baseboard heater, a radiator, or special in-floor pipes that heat the floor. Warmth then radiates from these objects into the living space, spreading heat without having to blow around air the way furnaces and heat pumps do (forced-air systems).

You may have considered getting a radiant heating system for your house. We definitely encourage your interest in this, because radiant heating can offer you some excellent benefits:

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Why the Burners in Your Furnace Aren’t Lighting

January 3rd, 2022

This isn’t a problem you want to run into in the middle of winter: you turn on the heat for your home, but the gas furnace isn’t coming on. The burners that are supposed to ignite are staying cold—and that means your house will stay cold as well.

There may be a simple explanation for this, and we’ll list some of them, but please don’t attempt to do anything like a “repair” to a gas furnace on your own. This is potentially dangerous: you should never work on any appliance hooked to a gas main unless you have proper training, tools, and certification. If your gas furnace won’t turn on and basic troubleshooting hasn’t solved the issue, please call our team for furnace repairs in Indianapolis, IN. We’ll safely repair your furnace, and we back up our work with a 100% happiness guarantee!

Let’s look at some possible reasons the burners in your furnace aren’t coming on… 

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The Best Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

December 20th, 2021

Radiant heating in general refers to a way that heat moves. A furnace, for example, uses convection heating to deliver heat to a house: it heats up air and then moves the heated air around the living spaces. Radiant heating doesn’t heat the air. Instead, it sends waves of thermal energy from a heated surface. Those waves travel through a space until they come into contact with another object, without heating the air between. Radiant heating is the heat you feel from the sun or coming off the pavement on a sunny day. 

How can you use radiant heating in your house? The standard way is with a boiler (hydronic radiant heating), which sends hot water to baseboard heaters, radiators, or in-floor piping. The water heats these objects, and they radiate heat into the room. There are also electric radiant heating systems that heat objects in a similar way, although these are less popular because they consume more energy.

You might be thinking about getting radiant heating in Indianapolis for your house. Installing radiant heating can be a big undertaking, but many homeowners love it because of the immense benefits. Here are a few to consider:

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Electrical Problems Your Furnace Can Face (Yes, Gas Furnaces Too!)

December 6th, 2021

One of the most common types of malfunctions that hampers furnaces is electrical issues. This applies to gas furnaces as much as to electric furnaces. The modern gas furnace uses multiple electrical components to run, such as the blower fan, the various motors, the ignition system, and the control board that operates the basic functions of the system. Electrical problems with your furnace can bring your home heating to a complete standstill, and in some cases can lead to safety concerns.

We’ve compiled a list of electrical problems that will require calling us for furnace repairs in Indianapolis, IN to help get your heating back in shape. We’re licensed professionals who offer a 100% happiness guarantee on our repair services.

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How Long Can I Expect My Furnace to Last in Indianapolis?

November 22nd, 2021

If we lived in a perfect world, the furnaces in our homes would last forever and we’d never need to replace them. (Of course, if we lived in a perfect world, we’d never need furnaces at all because the weather would always be 72°F.) But our world is imperfect and furnaces wear down over time.

Regular maintenance will help a furnace last for as long as possible, and having any repairs done in a timely manner will also extend a furnace’s life. Eventually, time takes its toll and you’ll need to schedule furnace replacement services in Indianapolis, IN with our professionals.

This leads to the big question: How long can you expect your current furnace to last? 

There isn’t a single answer, as other factors are involved. We’ll get into more details below about the life expectancy of your current furnace.

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How to Set Your Thermostat for a Healthier (and Money-Saving) Heating System

November 8th, 2021

This winter, would you like to avoid calling for HVAC technicians to repair your heating system? That’s a silly question; of course you would. Would you also like to pay less to heat your home? Yes, another silly question. But we put these questions at the front in this post because there’s a simple way to help your heater run with fewer problems and lower energy use that you may have overlooked. It’s the way you set your thermostat during the winter.

In our history as HVAC pros, we’ve often seen the erratic way people set their thermostats during the winter. When people treat their thermostat like a throttle they push up and down to attempt to nail “perfect” comfort, it puts far more strain on the heating system. That means more chances of breakdowns and higher bills. Let’s take a look at the ideal way to set your thermostat for a heating system that’s healthier and less expensive to run.

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Why Won’t My Furnace Heat the Whole House?

October 25th, 2021

When you had a central furnace installed in your home, it was for the whole home—at least all the living spaces. (You probably don’t heat the garage or the attic.) You expect the furnace to spread heat through the ductwork to reach all the vents and provide an even distribution of comfort.

So if you turn on your furnace this season and notice it isn’t handling the comfort of the whole house and leaving cold spots, you’ll want that changed! In most cases, it will take work from professionals to restore the furnace to regular working order, or in more extreme cases, replace the furnace. 

Below we’ll look at some of the reasons you’ve got uneven heating in your home.

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Biggest Reasons to Get a New Furnace This Fall

October 11th, 2021

As you prepare for fall, you might look at your current furnace and wonder if it’s time to replace it. Regular maintenance for a furnace in the fall can usually get the heater through the winter, but even maintenance has limits. No furnace will last forever, and getting a new furnace can make a huge difference for your home. 

Below we’ll look at the best reasons to retire your current furnace and arrange for a new furnace installation in Indianapolis. Call us with any questions you have. If you’re uncertain about getting a new furnace, we can consult with you to help you make the best decision.

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Should You Switch to a Heat Pump This Fall?

September 27th, 2021

If you know anything about heat pumps, it’s probably that they’re similar to air conditioners, except they can also provide heating. Heat pumps were once only effective HVAC options in regions with mild winters, but advances in technology have made them viable for homes across the country. Many homeowners have started to consider heat pumps as replacements for the standard heating-and-cooling combination of a furnace and an AC—especially for all-electric homes.

Considering installing a heat pump in Indianapolis, IN this fall? Our team can help you make the choice and ensure you have a great installation. 

There are several important factors to know about switching over to a heat pump:

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A Most Vital Fall Service: Heating Maintenance!

September 13th, 2021

September means fall, even if the official start of the season isn’t until later in the month. As the change of seasons begins to descend on Indiana, homeowners start to make preparations for colder weather.

Few prep jobs are more essential—more vital—than scheduling heating maintenance in Indianapolis, IN. September is a great month to have your furnace maintenance appointment scheduled so you and your family can have few comfort worries in the months ahead.

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