Vital Heating & Air Blog: Archive for September, 2020

Fall Means It’s the Season for Heating Maintenance

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Now that it’s officially fall, no matter what the temperature is outside, we recommend you begin thinking about your home heating. We never get to skip a winter in Indiana, after all. If you plan to keep your same heating system rather than arrange to replace it this fall, you still need to schedule an important service for it: a heating maintenance inspection and tune-up. You can leave this service to our professionals—it isn’t something you can handle on your own.

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Using a Professional Contractor vs. DIY for Your HVAC Needs

Monday, September 14th, 2020

We understand the “do-it-yourself” impulse: people want to save money on their home services, so why not tackle jobs themselves rather than paying a contractor? For some people, DIY projects are enjoyable in themselves, much like hobbies.

But … not all household services can be done DIY, and heating and air conditioning jobs are among them. For your air conditioning and heating in Indianapolis, IN, only call on expert technicians like ours. Below is a list of reasons why in the battle of “Professional Contractor vs. DIY” the professional contractor wins. And you’ll win as well when you schedule your HVAC services with our team; we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee!

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