Vital Heating & Air Blog: Archive for April, 2021

Should You Get a New AC Before Summer?

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Spring maintenance for your air conditioning system is one of the most important services for it. If you stay current with maintenance each year, you can expect your AC to have a long service life with few repairs and high energy efficiency.

But someday, maintenance won’t be enough. Eventually, you’ll need to have your air conditioning system replaced. And maybe this is the spring when you have your aging AC hauled to the recycling yard and have our technicians put in a new one. 

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The Hard Starting AC: Let’s Fix That!

Monday, April 12th, 2021

As we settle in for the warm weather of the year and get used to having air conditioning systems running again, we recommend you pay close attention to how your AC is operating. If you already arranged for its annual maintenance inspection and tune-up, then you’re in excellent shape: you can expect the cooling system to have few troubles through the summer. But even with this protection from a system breakdown, an air conditioning system may still malfunction. 

As you start the season of running your AC, watch for early warnings of something wrong. Such as hard starting.

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