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Ice on Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Normal

Monday, June 21st, 2021

This is one of the most common misunderstandings people have about air conditioning systems: seeing ice developing along the indoor evaporator coil is normal. Maybe the AC is working a bit too well, but what’s so bad about that?

The truth is much different. You should never see ice forming on the evaporator coil or any other part of an AC. An air conditioner doesn’t use ice to cool the air. It provides cooling by removing heat from the air and moving it outside. However, because people still imagine frost growing inside old freezers, they tend to imagine that ice on an AC isn’t a problem. 

So why does ice start to appear on an AC and what does it mean? Below we’ll explain the ice problem and why it usually means you need professional AC service in Indianapolis, IN.

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Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Monday, June 7th, 2021

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in most homes these days. Heat during summer has been especially intolerable over the last few years. It’s times like these when we rely on our trusty air conditioners to get us through the day.

Given our dependency on them, most of us become concerned when we sense something is wrong with our air conditioners. A common problem many people face is that their AC seems to be on, but isn’t cooling their home.

There are many reasons this could be occurring. We’ll go through some of the most common causes here to help you better understand the problem. As to what you can do about it: call a professional.

If you’re looking for AC repair in Indianapolis, IN, we’re here to serve. Call today and let us take care of your air conditioning system.

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