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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


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5 Causes of Uneven Cooling From Your AC


You expect your air conditioning system to provide cooling. You also expect it to get the whole house cool. Yes, you can expect some rooms to feel a bit hotter because they have more sun exposure, and some rooms may not have vents in them. But still, you want a central air conditioning system to distribute air from the center to all parts of the home. That’s why it’s a central air conditioning system.

When you have an air conditioner that leaves rooms of your home too hot, or some that are too cold, it’s a problem. Uneven cooling is often a sign that you need to call for air conditioning repair in Indianapolis, IN. Our technicians can diagnose what’s wrong with the air conditioner and have it fixed so you can enjoy summer cooling in all rooms of the house.

Here are five reasons for uneven cooling from a central AC:

I. Clogged air filter

Always check the air filter! This is a mantra for HVAC system care because a clogged air filter can create numerous troubles for cooling and heating. We recommend changing the filter every one to three months. If you’ve forgotten to change your air filter for a new one this summer, it is probably the reason for the uneven cooling: the congested filter significantly reduces airflow into the system and the amount of air cooled.

II. Trouble with the air handler

The air handler is the part of the HVAC system that draws air from the return vent and then sends it through the AC (or the furnace in winter) and on into the ductwork. A malfunctioning blower motor in the air handler will lower air distribution around the house.

III. Faulty thermostat

The trouble may originate with a thermostat that isn’t registering accurate temperatures. This will cause the AC to shut off early before it can distribute cool air to all the rooms. (Or it could stay on too long and some rooms become too cold.) If the house has a zone control system with different thermostats for different rooms or areas, a failure in one of them will cause the zone to lose much of its cooling.

IV. Leaks in the air ducts

The air conditioner may have no problem cooling down enough air and blowing it into the ducts, but the ducts may be stealing that cooled air. Leaky air ducts can account for a loss of up to 30% of the cooled air moving through the ventilation system. The vents connected to the leaky ducts experience a noticeable loss of cooling, but the whole system will be affected. You need professionals to seal the duct leaks.

V. Failing air conditioner

Finally, uneven cooling is a common warning that an air conditioning system is past its prime and ready for a replacement system. Once an AC is over 15 years old, a decline in cooling capacity is inevitable. You can ask technicians about repairs and if they are still cost-effective, but it’s best to begin to plan for a new installation.

Vital Heating & Air is your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor. Call us when you need assistance for better home cooling.

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