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How AC Maintenance Helps Save You Money


Back in March of this year, we posted a reminder about scheduling maintenance for your air conditioning in Greenwood, IN. Spring is the best time to have maintenance done to prep your AC system to handle another hot summer. 

It’s still spring now, and if you haven’t gotten around to arranging for maintenance through our Advantage Life Plan, we recommend having it done as soon as possible. Although there is no “expiration date” for AC maintenance as long as it’s done each year, having it completed before the summer starts allows you to take the best advantage of all maintenance benefits. And that includes the many ways that maintenance can help you save money.

So to help encourage you to schedule a tune-up and inspection for your AC with our team in the next few weeks, we’ve listed some ways you can lower your costs and help your budget thanks to keeping current with annual professional maintenance.

Save money on repairs

Repairs can be costly for an air conditioner, especially the ones it may need in the second half of its service life. In fact, it’s when repairs become too expensive that it’s best to invest in a new system. Maintenance can eliminate more than half the number of repairs an air conditioner might need—so right there you can begin to tally up savings. The majority of repairs you’d have to pay for won’t even occur if the system is maintained. (And as a bonus, you won’t have the inconvenience of calling for repairs.)

Save money on a longer system life

The most expensive “repair” a central air conditioner may need is an early replacement. A well-maintained air conditioning system can often last 15 years. That’s a good return on your initial investment in the system. Without maintenance, that life expectancy begins to drop, and may even fall in half. Think of how much extra money you’re spending if you have to replace an AC that would have otherwise given you 5 to 8 more years of service.

Save money on better energy-efficient performance

Your AC has a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that measures its general energy efficiency. When you have the system maintained each year, the AC will keep about 95% of that efficiency rating until it’s near the end of its service life. If the AC doesn’t have that maintenance, the efficiency will decline annually, making it more expensive to operate. You’ll get the best in energy-conserving performance from your air conditioner when it has routine maintenance. 

Save money with a valid warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioning system is an important consumer protection since it pays for repair and replacement for parts for a set number of years (usually 10). You won’t have to worry about faults with the system that are due to manufacturer errors—and maintenance is necessary to keep the warranty in force. Skipping maintenance can void the warranty, and you’ll have to pay for repairs the warranty would have otherwise taken care of. 

Rely on Vital Heating & Air Because “Your Comfort Is Vital!” Ask about our Advantage Life Program and get on the schedule today.

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