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How Bryant Variable-Speed ACs Can Help Your Cooling

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We are proud to offer Bryant air conditioning services in Indianapolis to our valued customers. Bryant is an HVAC manufacturer with over a hundred years of history, and they are always developing the finest in new technology for delivering superior comfort to homeowners.

One Bryant product that our HVAC experts often recommend to our customers is the Evolution™ series of air conditioners. These Bryant AC units offer peak comfort, energy efficiency, and quiet. If you are considering putting in a new air conditioning system to handle the summer heat this year—and we advise you do so if your current unit is more than 12–15 years old—then ask us about the Evolution™ series.

Why We Recommend the Bryant Evolution™ Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

What makes these air conditioners so fantastic? There are many reasons, and most of them are connected to the system’s variable-speed features. Variable-speed uses inverter technology and rotary compressors to modulate how much power the air conditioner uses. The standard single-speed air conditioner only runs its blower fan and compressor at one power level; the system is either on or off. A variable-speed AC adjusts to a home’s needs so it doesn’t operate at maximum capacity whenever it’s on. The Evolution™ series has five-stages, superior to many variable-speed systems that only have two.

Here are the ways this technology benefits you:

  • Energy savings: The Evolution™ Variable-Speed system can have SEER up to 19, which was higher than the 15 SEER required for the ENERGY STAR label. You can expect to see lower costs for your annual cooling when the AC reduces how much energy it consumes when it runs.
  • Few temperature fluctuations: The “on-or-off” model of AC can lead to hot and cold spots around a house. A variable-speed unit lowers the number of temperature fluctuations so you’ll have even cooling around the house.
  • Better humidity control: The Evolution™ can reduce humidity levels thanks to the management of low stage operation.
  • Quieter: The special rotary compressor, the AeroQuiet System IITM design pressure equalizer valve, compressor sound blanket, and quiet mount split post compressor grommets combine to lower the sound of the air conditioner down to a whisper-quiet 56 dB during low stage operation.
  • Environmentally friendly: The Evolution™ series uses environmentally friendly Puron (R-410A) refrigerant.

In addition, the Bryant Evolution™ Variable-Speed Air Conditioner comes with features such as maintenance notifications through advanced diagnostics and is among the smallest AC units available, so it will fit easily into your home.

Schedule a Bryant Air Conditioning System Installation Today

There is more you can learn about the Evolution™ air conditioner and what it can do for your home. You only need to call us to find out all the details. We offer a wide range of different types of cooling systems and will help you find the ideal one, which may be a Bryant Evolution™ unit. We promise we will not quit until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Your Comfort is Vital! So make sure you always call Vital Heating & Air in Indianapolis when it comes to air conditioning.

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