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The Best Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating in general refers to a way that heat moves. A furnace, for example, uses convection heating to deliver heat to a house: it heats up air and then moves the heated air around the living spaces. Radiant heating doesn’t heat the air. Instead, it sends waves of thermal energy from a heated surface. Those waves travel through a space until they come into contact with another object, without heating the air between. Radiant heating is the heat you feel from the sun or coming off the pavement on a sunny day. 

How can you use radiant heating in your house? The standard way is with a boiler (hydronic radiant heating), which sends hot water to baseboard heaters, radiators, or in-floor piping. The water heats these objects, and they radiate heat into the room. There are also electric radiant heating systems that heat objects in a similar way, although these are less popular because they consume more energy.

You might be thinking about getting radiant heating in Indianapolis for your house. Installing radiant heating can be a big undertaking, but many homeowners love it because of the immense benefits. Here are a few to consider:

High energy efficiency

Radiant heating is a more energy-efficient way to move heat than convection heating—especially when using a boiler system, since water is also a more energy-efficient heat transfer medium than air. Compared to using a furnace or heat pump for your winter comfort, a hydronic radiant heating system can save you a lot of money over its service life.

More even heat distribution

One of the drawbacks of using forced-air systems like furnaces is that they tend to leave cold spots in rooms. Hot air blows from the vents, then rises to the ceiling of the room and only gradually seeps down through the rest of the space. Radiant heating moves evenly through a space, helping to get rid of cold spots and warming up the space much faster. 

Better comfort

Although this is more subjective, people often find radiant heating more comfortable than the heat from a forced-air system. Imagine the heat of the sun on a summer day, of the toasty touch of a mug of coffee in the morning. That’s what radiant heat feels like to many people.

Cleaner air

The ductwork in homes gradually becomes a reservoir for dust and lint and other debris. Whenever the blower fan for the HVAC system turns on, it blasts some of these pollutants into the air and stirs them around, lowering indoor air quality. This doesn’t happen with radiant heating systems, making them excellent for homes with people who have asthma or allergies. 

Find out more from our Vital Heating & Air Team

Not all homes are suited to the installation of radiant heating systems, but they can be perfect for some. If you want to know if your house is suited to radiant heating, we’re glad to help out. No matter what, we’ll find the right heating to make your home cozy and safe every winter. 

Call Vital Heating & Air because “Your Comfort Is Vital!” We work with radiant heating systems and other great ways to warm your home.

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