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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


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Consider a Radiant Heating System


Okay yes, we all know and love the furnace, but can’t we talk about something a little different for a while? That’s right, forced-air systems aren’t the only option when it comes to heating — radiant heating systems, like boilers and in-floor systems, are just as great!

There are plenty of reasons to consider installing a radiant heating system in your home, and below, we have listed some of them for you. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more (and, as always, remember to schedule your heating services in Indianapolis, IN with our team!)

What is Radiant Heating?

A radiant heating system is one where hot water runs through a terminal point inside a house, such as a radiator, baseboard heater, or in-floor tubes. The water heats up the object, which then sends radiant heat energy into a room.

One of the most popular types of radiant heaters is the in-floor heating system. Water from a boiler moves through pipes that are set in a subfloor beneath the floor of rooms. This warms up the floor, sending an even spread of heat up into the living space.

The Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are plenty of benefits of having a radiant heating system installed in your home. These can include any of the following:

  • Energy efficiency: Water is a better thermal transference medium than air, so radiant heaters are more efficient at energy use. You can expect to save money every winter season thanks to a radiant heater.
  • Even heating distribution: Forced–air heaters blow air toward the top of the room, where it takes a while for it to spread through the rest of the space. But radiant heaters distribute their heat quickly and evenly.
  • Improves indoor air quality: The lack of ductwork in a radiant heater means that it doesn’t blow around dust and other debris lodged inside the ducts. This can make significant improvements to your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Exceptional comfort: The thermal energy coming from a radiant heating system simply feels “cozier,” like being warmed directly by the sun.

Don’t these systems sound awesome? We think so!

What Are You Waiting For? Ask a Professional Today!

If you are interested in installing a radiant heating system in your home, do not hesitate to call in a certified HVAC professional for help. Only a professional has the tools, training, and experience to assess the needs of your home, help you select the system of your dreams, and install it accordingly — this is definitely not a job for an amateur!

And yes, there may be plenty of amateurs willing to service your system for a fairly cheap price, but sometimes an attempt to save money can end up costing you much more in the long run. Therefore, it’s always better to call in a pro. Trust us, when it comes to your comfort and your budget, you don’t want to take any risks!

To learn more about the benefits of radiant heating, or to schedule your services, contact the team at Vital Heating & Air. Your Comfort is Vital!

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