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Electrical Problems Your Furnace Can Face (Yes, Gas Furnaces Too!)


One of the most common types of malfunctions that hampers furnaces is electrical issues. This applies to gas furnaces as much as to electric furnaces. The modern gas furnace uses multiple electrical components to run, such as the blower fan, the various motors, the ignition system, and the control board that operates the basic functions of the system. Electrical problems with your furnace can bring your home heating to a complete standstill, and in some cases can lead to safety concerns.

We’ve compiled a list of electrical problems that will require calling us for furnace repairs in Indianapolis, IN to help get your heating back in shape. We’re licensed professionals who offer a 100% happiness guarantee on our repair services.

The constantly tripping circuit breaker

This is both an electrical problem and a symptom of other electrical problems. If the circuit breaker for your furnace trips and shuts the system down, reset the breaker and see if the furnace works again. The problem may have been only temporary. But if the breaker continues to trip, don’t try to force the furnace to keep working. There is probably a short-circuit in a motor or loose wiring that’s causing the problem, and this can lead to electrical fire hazards.

Delayed burner ignition

Unless you have an older furnace that uses a standing pilot light, an electronic ignition system is responsible for lighting the burners in your gas furnace. If the burners are not igniting normally, instead delaying before creating a large boom sound, you may have a faulty electronic ignition system. You’ll need professionals to replace the igniter. 

Busted sequencer

This is a specific problem with electric furnaces. The sequencer is a component that staggers turning on the various heating elements to prevent the furnace from overloading the home’s electric system. If it breaks, it may cause all the heating elements to come on at once and overload the circuit breaker, or it may lead to none of the heating elements coming on at all. Technicians must replace the sequencer to fix this.

Loose wires and connections in the control board

The control board handles the heating process in both gas and electric furnaces, running the sequence that controls gas flow, heating elements, burners, exhaust, blower fans, etc. If connections become loose in the board, it will lead to short-circuits that will shut down the entire furnace. Like any electrical repair, the work must be left to licensed pros. 

Burnt-out motors

The strain on the motors in a furnace can lead to them burning out, especially if the furnace has missed regular maintenance. You may hear warning sounds of this, such as a screeching noise indicating the bearings are wearing down, or smell an acrid odor from the vents. Whatever the warning, shut down the furnace and call for technicians to repair or replace the motor. 

We need to emphasize that, even with an electric furnace, you cannot attempt to make repairs to a central furnace on your own. It’s potentially dangerous and will likely damage the furnace. Be safe and call for our experts to diagnose the problem and find the best solutions. 

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