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Fall Means It’s the Season for Heating Maintenance


Now that it’s officially fall, no matter what the temperature is outside, we recommend you begin thinking about your home heating. We never get to skip a winter in Indiana, after all. If you plan to keep your same heating system rather than arrange to replace it this fall, you still need to schedule an important service for it: a heating maintenance inspection and tune-up. You can leave this service to our professionals—it isn’t something you can handle on your own.

Yes, This Is a Yearly Requirement

We don’t skip winter, and your heater shouldn’t skip maintenance. This isn’t a service you can have done every other year, or when you remember to do it. It’s an annual necessity. Neglecting maintenance leaves the heater to start to deteriorate and age rapidly, leading to numerous problems. Here are a few:

  • Safety: This is the #1 concern for gas-powered systems. Professional inspections each year locate any potential safety hazards so they can be fixed. Going without maintenance increases the chance that your gas furnace might create toxic gas or combustion leaks.
  • Shortened service life: The strain on a heating system ages it each year it runs. Without maintenance, this aging will occur much faster as parts become dirty and create friction, components begin to fail, and corrosion sets in. A heating system may only reach half its estimated service life if it doesn’t have maintenance.
  • Extra repairs: The majority of repairs a heating system may encounter during its service life can be prevented when technicians perform annual maintenance. That’s plenty of money saved and major hassles avoided.
  • Abrupt breakdowns: This is a nightmare for homeowners—having the heating system fail during a cold winter night. You can trust us with repairs, but we can’t be there instantly! Maintenance makes this occurrence far less likely. This means you’ll also enjoy peace of mind through the winter, and it’s hard to put a price on that.
  • Voided warranty: Failure to keep up with annual professional maintenance can void the manufacturer’s warranty on the heater. Losing the warranty means you’ll have to pay for expensive repairs and even a replacement that would otherwise have been covered.

The Heating Maintenance Plan for You

Scheduling heating maintenance in Indianapolis, IN doesn’t have to be a huge burden for you. We have put together a superb maintenance program, the Vital Heating & Air’s Advantage Life Plan. You can purchase the plan for your heating system as well as your air conditioning. With the plan, you’ll receive an annual inspection and tune-up in the fall for the heater. We’ll go through our 20-point furnace checklist that inspects all key parts and makes necessary adjustments. We’ll leave your heater in top shape to manage the coming winter weather. The best way to avoid costly and sudden furnace repairs is to schedule routine maintenance!

Signing up for our maintenance plan also grants you special membership benefits: guaranteed service within 48 hours if your equipment fails, 20% off repairs, no after-hours service charges before 8 p.m., and more.  

Talk to the Vital Heating & Air team today to sign up for Vital Heating & Air’s Advantage Life Plan. Your Comfort is Vital!

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