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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


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What Are My Heating Options?


Are you at your wits’ end with the heating system at home? As winter comes closer, it is time for you to start looking at your options.

The cold season in Indiana can be unforgiving. You need the best system installed in your home to make the indoor environment comfortable, warm, and cozy.

If you are finally replacing the old unit in your home, you might be excited to see the variety available on the market. Some people can find so many replacement options confusing for them. We will discuss each of the most common heating options you can consider.

When you decide which system you want, you can call us for our heating services in Indianapolis, IN, to set it all up for you.

1.    Furnace

Furnaces are perhaps the longest standing type of heating system you can install in your home. Usually powered by natural gas, the furnace blows heated and conditioned air throughout a series of ducts in your home. While furnaces can heat the air with electricity, units in the US typically rely on natural gas as the fuel source.

2.    Heat Pump

Heat pumps are rapidly becoming a popular option for homeowners in Indiana. These units can perform both the function of a cooler and a heater for your entire home. They use the refrigerant and electricity to provide your home heat. Instead of generating heat using fire or a heating element, it uses heat transfer to provide more energy-efficient heating.

3.    Boiler system

Another common heating system is the radiator distribution system. They essentially send hot water or steam through pipes to provide heat around your home. Boiler systems can allow you to manage different zones that need heating and cooling. However, they can be very expensive to install and operate. Like a furnace, the boiler system generates heat in a central area of the home and then distributes it around the house.

4.    Hybrid Heating

While heat pumps are quite energy-efficient, they can struggle in extremely cold weather. Another heating system that many homeowners use is a hybrid between heat pumps and furnaces. The heat pump does most of the work in heating your home. When the temperature outside gets too cold for the heat pump, the gas furnace kicks in to help. Since you rely on both systems, the overall strain on your units is reduced, decreasing the need for repairs and replacements.

5.    Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters can be an economical option that you can consider. Typically, the system is reserved for providing supplemental heating to an existing heating system in very cold weather. Baseboard heaters use electricity to provide heat throughout the house.

Which One is the Best?

Many homeowners feel inclined to choose the most cost-effective options when they are planning to replace the old system in their homes. As attractive as it may seem at the time, we recommend consulting with a professional before you decide to make the change. You can call our technicians at Vital Heating & Air to discuss the options you can consider and which one will work best for your home in Indianapolis.

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