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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


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A Most Vital Fall Service: Heating Maintenance!


September means fall, even if the official start of the season isn’t until later in the month. As the change of seasons begins to descend on Indiana, homeowners start to make preparations for colder weather.

Few prep jobs are more essential—more vital—than scheduling heating maintenance in Indianapolis, IN. September is a great month to have your furnace maintenance appointment scheduled so you and your family can have few comfort worries in the months ahead.

Heating Maintenance Is an Annual Service

Having professional inspections and tune-ups for your central heater isn’t a semi-annual job or an occasional luxury. Your home heating system was manufactured with annual maintenance in mind. You can’t expect to get your heater, whatever type, to its manufacturer’s estimated service life if you only have maintenance done sporadically—or not at all!  

There are several reasons to have maintenance done each fall:

  • Safety: This is critical for natural gas-powered heaters like gas furnaces. These aren’t inherently dangerous heating systems as long as they have routine inspections each year. Maintenance can catch any potential hazard, such as a cracked heat exchanger or leaking gas line, and have them repaired before they can cause any problems. 
  • Energy Efficiency: A heating system has an energy efficiency rating that gives a general idea of how well it consumes energy compared to heating output. When a heater is annually maintained, it will keep 95% of this initial rating until near the end of its service life. Without maintenance, efficiency will rapidly plummet, causing utility bills to rise.
  • Problem-Free Performance: The majority of repairs a heater might require during its service life are due to lack of maintenance. When you invest in maintenance, you’re investing in eliminating more than 50% of the repairs it might otherwise need—and you’ll avoid comfort interruptions as well.
  • Long Service Life: A heating system can easily make it to the upper end of its manufacturer’s service life estimate when it has regular maintenance. Without maintenance, it may fail years early.
  • Warranty Protection: Annual maintenance is often required to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

The Advantage Life Plan

When it comes to maintenance for not only your heating system but your cooling system as well, the best plan is the Advantage Life Plan! For a small annual or monthly fee, you’ll receive superb maintenance from our great HVAC technicians. As a member, you’ll receive two maintenance visits per year (spring and fall) and these special benefits:

  • A lifetime warranty on components we repair while you’re a member.
  • Service within 48 hours if your equipment fails during membership.
  • We’ll waive the service call trip fee if we have to make a repair to your system that wasn’t mentioned during the inspection.
  • A 20% discount off any repairs we make during the agreement period.
  • No after-hour service charges before 8 p.m. if you request immediate repair (charges may apply after 8 pm).
  • You can receive exclusive promotions not available to non-members.

Call us to find out more about the Advantage Life Plan, membership fees, and the 20+ point checklist we use to ensure your HVAC equipment is in top shape. 

Call Vital Heating & Air for your heating services today because “Your Comfort Is Vital!”

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