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Why Sign Up for Advantage Life Plan Membership


It’s December, which might as well be winter even if winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, the date of Winter Solstice. We hope that you’ve already arranged for your home’s heating maintenance in Indianapolis, IN with us as a member of the Advantage Life Plan. If you have, great—you only need to read the rest of the post if you want reminders about what the Advantage Life Plan can do for you.

If you haven’t yet scheduled maintenance and aren’t a member of the Advantage Life Plan, please keep reading. There are many enormous benefits to joining, starting with getting the routine heating maintenance that makes all the difference during our tough winters.

Heating Maintenance Is Essential Every Year

We’ve often heard from people that they believe heating maintenance is a luxury service, or at the least it’s not something that needs to be done every year. Just now and then. This is a major misunderstanding! Heating maintenance, as well as air conditioning maintenance, must be done with the same frequency as tune-ups for a car. You put enough “heating miles” on your furnace or any other heating system each winter in Indianapolis to make it necessary for professionals to inspect and tune it up before the next winter arrives.

Here are the main reasons that heating maintenance is important each year:

  • It keeps the heating system running at its safest. This is particularly important for gas-powered furnaces, which may develop safety hazards if they’re not regularly inspected and tuned-up.
  • Maintenance prevents the majority of repairs a heater may require during its service life, which eliminates both inconvenience and high repair bills.
  • The adjustments and cleanings that are done during maintenance help a heater retain 95% of its efficiency rating throughout its service life. This stops a continual rise in the cost to run the heater.
  • Maintenance improves system longevity. Without annual maintenance, a heating system may end up failing after only half the amount of years it would otherwise have lasted.
  • Maintenance prevents the manufacturer’s warranty from lapsing. 

The Advantage Life Plan Membership Benefits

We put together the Advantage Life Plan to provide our customers with more than just excellent heating maintenance each year. The plan has special membership benefits to make your life easier and help you further reduce regular heating and cooling costs. (Yes, the plan includes maintenance for your air conditioning system each spring.) Here is what you get as a member:

  • Special advantage priority service—48-hours or less.
  • A 20% discount on any repairs.
  • Standard service calls are free.
  • No overtime rates.
  • Receive special offers only available to enrolled members.
  • Reduced rate for each additional system ($14 a month per system).
  • A lifetime guarantee on any item we repair while the agreement is in force.

Why do we offer all these benefits on top of the great maintenance service? It’s our way of thanking you for being a Vital Heating & Air customer and to help ensure you’ll come back to us whenever you need comfort service for your home.

Call Vital Heating & Air—Because Your Comfort Is Vital!

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