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Does Your Home Need an Air Purifier?


Indoor air quality is something that many people are concerned about today, and for good reasons. It’s not just worrying about germs and viruses. It’s everyday problems due to the numerous pollutants that get trapped indoors because of the poor ventilation in most homes. In fact, the better-built the home, the worse the IAQ often is! It’s a side-effect of making homes more air-tight and energy-efficient than ever.

But what can you do about this problem? Homeowners often think of using air filters beyond the one that’s already on their HVAC system. (This filter isn’t effective for cleaning the air; it’s to protect the inside of the HVAC cabinet.) Air filtration systems can work well at removing particles from circulation. But your house may need extra protection. You might wonder if air purification systems in Indianapolis are the way to go.

Air Purification + Air Filtration

The first thing we want to point out is that air purifiers and air filters aren’t an “either/or” situation. Rather, air purification is something added to air filtration. If your home needs serious air cleaning, you’ll want both air filters and purifiers at work. The filters will handle trapping the larger particles that float through the air. The smaller particles that slip through the filter won’t escape–the air purifier will pull them out of the air. With the right combination of filters and purifiers, you can remove more than 99% of unwanted particles.

Why Not Get a Stronger Filter Instead?

While reading the above, you might have spotted what looked like flawed reasoning: If some particles can get through the filter, why not purchase a stronger filter? After all, there are powerful filters used today in hospitals and clean rooms that can trap tiny bacteria.

The reason we don’t recommend going for a stronger filter is that your household HVAC system won’t work with an overly powerful filter. The thicker the weave of the filter, the more it will place resistance on airflow through the ventilation system. Most household HVAC systems can’t work effectively for a filter with a MERV rating of higher than 12. If a filter that’s too powerful is in place, it will harm comfort and end up damaging the HVAC system.

Finding the Ideal Air Purifier and Filter

It isn’t difficult to go about finding the right combination of air purifier and air filter, or to find the right purifier to go with your current air filters. All it takes is working with indoor air quality experts such as the ones on our team. There are many different types of air purifiers, and we’ll make sure we match the purifier to the pollutants you need to remove from your home. If we’re also installing an air filtration system, we’ll ensure that it has enough power to stop the majority of particles without creating pressure against proper airflow.

We carry many types of filters and purifiers, including UV air purifiers that target harmful organic pollutants. Schedule an appointment with us to get the air quality you deserve.

At Vital Heating & Air, Your Comfort Is Vital! Schedule service today with our indoor air quality experts.

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