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Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Monday, June 7th, 2021

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in most homes these days. Heat during summer has been especially intolerable over the last few years. It’s times like these when we rely on our trusty air conditioners to get us through the day.

Given our dependency on them, most of us become concerned when we sense something is wrong with our air conditioners. A common problem many people face is that their AC seems to be on, but isn’t cooling their home.

There are many reasons this could be occurring. We’ll go through some of the most common causes here to help you better understand the problem. As to what you can do about it: call a professional.

If you’re looking for AC repair in Indianapolis, IN, we’re here to serve. Call today and let us take care of your air conditioning system.

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The Hard Starting AC: Let’s Fix That!

Monday, April 12th, 2021

As we settle in for the warm weather of the year and get used to having air conditioning systems running again, we recommend you pay close attention to how your AC is operating. If you already arranged for its annual maintenance inspection and tune-up, then you’re in excellent shape: you can expect the cooling system to have few troubles through the summer. But even with this protection from a system breakdown, an air conditioning system may still malfunction. 

As you start the season of running your AC, watch for early warnings of something wrong. Such as hard starting.

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Using a Professional Contractor vs. DIY for Your HVAC Needs

Monday, September 14th, 2020

We understand the “do-it-yourself” impulse: people want to save money on their home services, so why not tackle jobs themselves rather than paying a contractor? For some people, DIY projects are enjoyable in themselves, much like hobbies.

But … not all household services can be done DIY, and heating and air conditioning jobs are among them. For your air conditioning and heating in Indianapolis, IN, only call on expert technicians like ours. Below is a list of reasons why in the battle of “Professional Contractor vs. DIY” the professional contractor wins. And you’ll win as well when you schedule your HVAC services with our team; we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee!

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5 Causes of Uneven Cooling From Your AC

Monday, August 17th, 2020

You expect your air conditioning system to provide cooling. You also expect it to get the whole house cool. Yes, you can expect some rooms to feel a bit hotter because they have more sun exposure, and some rooms may not have vents in them. But still, you want a central air conditioning system to distribute air from the center to all parts of the home. That’s why it’s a central air conditioning system.

When you have an air conditioner that leaves rooms of your home too hot, or some that are too cold, it’s a problem. Uneven cooling is often a sign that you need to call for air conditioning repair in Indianapolis, IN. Our technicians can diagnose what’s wrong with the air conditioner and have it fixed so you can enjoy summer cooling in all rooms of the house.

Here are five reasons for uneven cooling from a central AC:

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Signs You May Have Trouble With Your AC’s Compressor

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

All parts of an air conditioning system are important since you can’t have one malfunction and expect the AC to keep working as well as it’s supposed to. But some components have bigger and potentially more expensive effects when they begin to fail, and no part is more important in this way than the compressor.

To put it briefly, the compressor is the “heart” of an air conditioner. It is what forces the refrigerant to circulate between the sets of coils and change pressure and temperature so the air conditioner can move heat out of the house. The compressor uses a powerful motor to do this, and it is where the majority of electricity used to power the air conditioner goes. If the compressor fails, not only will the AC no longer cool off the house, but it may require replacing the entire unit to fix the problem.

We’ve provided a list of signs you may have a compressor going bad. If you move fast to schedule air conditioning repair in Indianapolis, IN, with professionals, you may be able to save the compressor and avoid a pricey replacement.

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