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Rate Your Furnace’s Performance for the Winter

Monday, March 1st, 2021

At the end of winter, we recommend you take a few moments to think about your furnace’s performance over the past season. If you have a relatively young furnace, you probably enjoyed consistent heating from it without any concerns. Older furnaces may start to encounter troubles, and it’s a good idea to consider if any of those troubles indicates a need for furnace service or even a new furnace installation in Indianapolis, IN. Planning is critical for ensuring you continue to receive the highest quality heating and energy efficiency from your HVAC system.

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Does a Gas Furnace Make the Air in My Home Drier?

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

You’ve probably heard this before: “Running a gas furnace during the winter may keep you warm, but it also dries out the air.” Since winter conditions are already drier than the rest of the year because more moisture has solidified out of the air, this can create serious problems for a house. Low humidity makes it harder to keep warm, which means running the furnace even more often. Low humidity also creates potential health problems by drying up sinus membranes, and it can cause damage to wood and painted surfaces.

But is it true that a gas furnace lowers indoor humidity?

The answer isn’t a straightforward one.

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Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Furnace?

Monday, December 9th, 2019

We understand that you might have had that furnace in your home ever since you moved in. For something that came with the house, we are sure it must be quite old. That unit could have been responsible for making your home much more comfortable during all those cold winters in Indianapolis. However, it might be time that you let go of that old unit. When you’re ready to talk about furnace replacement options in Indianapolis, give us a call.

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