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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Furnace Services in Indianapolis, IN

Furnaces are by far the most popular choice for heating amongst homeowners – and for good reason! These forced-air systems are extremely efficient and effective, keeping homes warm and comfortable during the chilliest, winter nights.

Vital Heating & Air offers comprehensive furnace services for homeowners throughout Marion County. When you need fast and professional furnace repairs in Indianapolis, give us a call. We truly believe in our work, and in fact, all of it is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can be sure that we won’t quit until you are happy! Call or click today to get started.

Your Comfort is Vital. Contact us today to schedule your furnace replacement and repairs in Indianapolis.

Furnace Maintenance and Repairs in Indianapolis

Regardless of what model furnace you own, it’s going to require some maintenance and repairs during it’s lifespan. When you need fast and professional furnace repairs in Indianapolis, call Vital Heating & Air. As one of the most popular heating contractors in the Indianapolis metro area, chances are, we’ve already seen the exact same issue you’re experiencing. That means that we can fix your problem and get your furnace up and running as quickly as possible. 

What’s the best way to prevent costly furnace repairs in Indianapolis? Regular maintenance, of course! During a maintenance visit, one of our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system to detect and fix minor issues before they become major, thus protecting your furnace from future damage. Plus, they will perform minor adjustments when necessary to give your system the efficiency boost that it needs.

If you suspect that you’re dealing with a faulty furnace, be sure to contact us for furnace repair. It is important to schedule your repairs at the first sign of an issue. Our team is well-experienced and equipped to handle any furnace issue that you may experience. We will pinpoint the exact source of the problem and fix it in as little time as possible.

Selecting the Right Furnace for Your Home

Here at Vital Heating & Air, we install and service a variety of furnaces in the Indianapolis, IN area. Selecting the right type of furnace for your home is important, so it is best to consider your options:

  • Gas furnaces: Gas furnaces are the most common whole-house heating systems in the state of Indiana. Homeowners prefer these systems because natural gas is often inexpensive and quite efficient.
  • Electric furnaces: Although more popular in colder climates, electric furnaces are very efficient in milder climates such as ours. Consider an electric furnace if you live in an area where electricity is inexpensive, or if you don’t have access to natural gas.

Is it Time to Replace Your Old Furnace?

If you currently own an old, outdated heating system, consider replacing it with a new, high-efficiency furnace. We offer furnace replacement services to restore efficiency and comfort to your home. Our team can help you decide whether it is time to replace your existing furnace. Once it has been decided, we can help match you with the furnace that will best meet your family’s unique heating demands. We also offer heating repairs and heating system installation on a variety of other heating systems, including dual fuel systems, radiant heating systems, heat pumps, and more.  We’ll make sure that you benefit from comfort, energy-efficiency, and cost-efficacy at our company.