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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Heating Repair in Indianapolis

Are you in need of heating system repairs? Vital Heating & Air in Indianapolis, IN is here to help. 

Vital Heating & Air offers comprehensive heating repair services for homeowners throughout Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding communities. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy greater comfort and efficiency, including some of the best warranties and guarantees in the area!  Whether you own a boiler, a furnace, heat pump, ductless heating system, or dual fuel system, our team of highly trained technicians can solve your problems. 

Your Comfort is Vital. Contact the team at Vital Heating & Air today to set up your heating repair services.

During your maintenance visit, one of our technicians will thoroughly inspect every inch of your heating system in order to locate and correct minor issues before they become major. Additionally, they’ll make any adjustments necessary to boost efficiency and performance.

Do You Need Heating Repairs?

When you need fast furnace repairs in Indianapolis, you can trust our team to act quickly! There are plenty of signs that suggest it’s time to schedule heating repair with our team, including:

  • Strange Noises. That means anything you don’t normally associate with the noises your heater makes while it is running. It can include hums, bangs, rattles, groans, and buzzes. In most cases the noises will start and stop with the starting and the stopping of the furnace itself.
  • Low Heat Levels. You can probably spot the signs of a problem if the air blowing through your vents is cool. The same holds true for air that is warm, but not quite as warm as you expect. It means the furnace will have to work harder to get your home warm.
  • Low Air Flow. Similarly, a problem with the fan or a blockage in the system will lower the flow of air through the ducts, making it tougher for the furnace to do its job.
  • Short Cycling. Short cycling is the process whereby the furnace turns off and on again, multiple times throughout the day. Because the fan motor and other components use a lot more energy starting and stopping than they do simply running, short cycling constitutes a huge problem with your furnace.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

If you are ready to schedule your heating repair and maintenance services, do not hesitate to contact us. One of the best things you can do for your system is schedule your services regularly, or at the first sign of a problem. Our Indianapolis heating professionals will be happy to assist you with whatever your heating needs may be.