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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Radiant Heating Systems in Indianapolis, IN

There are a lot of different options for heating homes today. Forced air systems are very popular, but there is more to consider. Radiant heating systems, such as boilers and in-floor heating systems, offer a number of benefits. For many, these benefits put them above forced-air systems.

Vital Heating & Air offers radiant heating system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding community. We make our customers happy, and our 100% Happiness Guarantee definitely applies to our radiant heating services!

Contact the team at Vital Heating & Air today to schedule your radiant heating system services. Your Comfort is Vital!


One-Stop Radiant Heating Services

Our team is ready to handle any radiant heating service in Indianapolis, IN, that you may require. This includes new installations in newly constructed or existing homes, routine maintenance, prompt repairs, and full system replacements. Remember, even great radiant heating systems won’t impress if they’re not installed and serviced with care.

Integrity is at our core, and you enjoy affordable pricing, quality work, and flexible scheduling when you work with our radiant heating professionals. We don’t come in with a hard sell, and we don’t push for bells and whistles that you don’t need. Heat your home confidently and reliably with our radiant systems!


How Is Radiant Heating Different?

Radiant heating does not use air as its heat transfer medium. Instead, radiant heating systems heat surfaces directly, and that heat radiates out into the living space. The most popular type of radiant heating system is the hydronic system. A boiler is used to heat water, which retains heat very well, and that water is then circulated around the house to distribute heat.

In-floor hydronic heating systems are particularly desirable. With an in-floor system, hot water from the boiler circulates in pipes beneath the floors of the home. This keeps heat down low, where you need it, and keeps furniture and bodies on that floor warm effectively. Even the best forced air heating systems will struggle to produce the comfort offered by a radiant heating system.

The Benefits of Radiant Heating

Wondering if making the switch to radiant heating is worth it? Consider the following benefits, and you’ll have a lot to think about!

  1. Energy efficiency is a major benefit of radiant heating. There is no risk of heat loss through leaky ductwork, and you’re not dealing with heated air that just rises up to the ceiling and gets trapped there, either. 

  2. Consistency of heating is another great benefit. Even if you have a ceiling fan on to keep that heated air down low, air just does not retain heat as well as water, objects, and bodies do. Radiant heating produces more lasting comfort. 

  3. Indoor air quality is yet another reason to consider radiant heating. You don’t have forced air stirring up dust, dirt, and dander in your home. You also don’t have to worry about dirty air ducts and filters negatively affecting the quality of the air in your home.