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Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Your Indianapolis Licensed HVAC Contractor


Humidifiers in Indianapolis, IN

If you’re only concerned about the temperature in your home, you’re comfort isn’t everything it should be. Obviously temperature control is very important. So is humidity control, though. Ever hear anyone say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”? Well, they’re on to something!

What a lot of people don’t understand is that having too little humidity in the home is no better than having too much. That is why we install and service whole-house humidifiers in Indianapolis, IN. We’ll find the best humidifier for your needs, and we’ll make sure it operates perfectly. 

Your Comfort is Vital! Contact the team at Vital Heating & Air today to schedule your indoor air quality services.


We Install, Repair, and Replace Humidifiers

Looking for quality service with flexible scheduling at a fair price? Then look no further. And never assume that something like a whole-house humidifier is a luxury that you cannot afford. We’ll work with you to ensure that you find a system friendly to your budget, as well as your needs. You don’t have to go it alone. We can answer any questions that you have. 

Once we have, we’ll install your system to work in perfect harmony with your HVAC system. We can handle any repairs that it may need, too. We only ask that you let us know as soon as you have reason to suspect a problem. It’s always best to resolve any issues as soon as possible. Maintenance for these systems is minimal, but we’ll rule out any problems as part of your annual HVAC maintenance, too.

Dry Air Is a Major Problem

If you think that dry air is not that big of a deal, think again! Sure, it may not cause as immediate a sense of discomfort as air that is too hot or cold. But consider the following consequences of very dry air. You’ll see that it’s more serious than you may think. 

  • Dried out mucous membranes leaving you more susceptible to illness.

  • Dried out skin can split and crack painfully. 

  • Dried out sinuses can lead to frequent bloody noses. 

  • Dried out paint or wallpaper can chip or crack. 

  • Dried out floorboards or wooden furniture can split. 

  • Dried out air can lead to static shocks, damaging sensitive electronics. 

It’s not only going to hit you in your health and in your property, though that’s more than enough. Dry air can also hit you in the wallet. Very dry air doesn’t retain heat very well, and can make heating your home a more expensive process than it should be.

Why Choose a Whole-House Humidifier?

We know, we know. You have a humidifier already. It has a little tank on it that you fill at the tap, and even a filter that you have to change every couple of months. Good enough, right? Wrong. 

That humidifier is not the type of system that Vital Heating & Air installs and services. We deal with whole-house humidifiers in Indianapolis, IN, that integrate directly into HVAC systems. They’re controlled by humidistats that give you greater control over your humidity levels, with greater efficiency and convenience to boot.

Humidifier FAQ

Do I need a humidifier in Indiana?

  • Indiana climate usually requires a humidifier to keep the indoor humidity above a comfortable point as well as keeping wood furniture, trim and components of your home from drying or cracking. Overly dry air can also lead to a sore throat, dry skin, static charge and other issues.